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Work with Habitat

Family Services Manager

Reports To: Director of Operations and Communications

Hours: Full-Time; Some evening and weekend work required

Position Overview:  

The Family Services Manager leads and oversees Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa’s Affordable Homeownership Program. This includes managing the family recruitment, selection and partnering processes. The scope of the Family Services Manager role is diverse and encompasses oversight of all legal, real estate, property management and mortgage related requirements under the Affordable Homeownership Program.   

The role further liaises with Habitat Greater Ottawa’s Build Team and oversees that homeowner move-ins are coordinated in alignment with build timelines. They also work collaboratively with the Finance, Communications and Volunteer departments to ensure Family Services operational priorities are met. The position further involves outreach to establish relevant partnerships with community and social services organizations and government agencies.   

The Family Services Manager oversees the work of the Family Services Coordinator and the volunteer Family Selection and Family Partnering Committees to ensure Habitat Greater Ottawa future and current homeowners are provided with case management, homeowner education, and post-purchase support. They are further responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of the Family Services department and in ensuring effective work plans, procedures, deliverables and timelines are met. The role also supports the capacity and growth of Habitat Greater Ottawa as the organization continues to increase the number of homes built and families served annually in the local community.  


Family Recruitment, Selection & Partnering: 

  • Management of Habitat Greater Ottawa’s Affordable Homeownership Program Application Process:  
  • Lead the launch of annual Homeownership Recruitment Campaign(s)   
  • In coordination with the Family Services Coordinator deliver community-based Information Sessions to potential homeowners and work with Communications Team to ensure website, social media and communications are updated in advance of the recruitment cycle  
  • Manage program related inquiries and support interested families to submit completed applications online  
  • Manage applicant screening and selection of qualified and waitlisted families in coordination with the Family Partners Committee and Family Approvals Committee  
  • Oversee the maintenance and ensure the updated records of all applicants against clear qualification and screening requirements  
  • Oversee related communications with all applicants and selected families in a timely manner  
  • Management of Habitat Greater Ottawa’s Affordable Homeownership Family Partnering Program:   
  • Oversee Partner Families throughout the pre- and post-move-in phases and ensure all volunteer hours, legal, Real Estate, mortgage and homeownership related requirements and paperwork are accurately managed  
  • Schedule closings, Pre-Delivery Inspections and move-in dates in coordination with the Build Team   
  • Oversee the Family Partnering Committee and educate the Committee on relevant homeownership policies and regulations to ensure Partner Families are well supported  
  • Oversee the delivery of the Homeowner Education Training Sessions to Partner Families and update training materials as needed  
  • Provide leadership, guidance and expertise to the Family Selection and Family Partnering Committees including the annual review and updating of relevant evaluation criteria, policies and procedures  
  • Support staff with Key Ceremony and Ground-breaking Ceremony deliverables and involvement of Partner Families  

Homeownership Oversight:

  • Oversee the management of the Annual Income Assessment and Household Review and work with the Finance Department to maintain updated and accurate mortgage administration information  
  • Provide mortgage counselling and information to homeowners when requested and as required  
  • Support families who are delinquent on mortgage payments or need special considerations as required  
  • Ensure home and building insurance is maintained as required  
  • Manage transfer of ownership and title to families and discharge of properties (post-mortgage) as required  
  • Oversee home repurchases and Equity Sharing policy and work with waitlisted families to fill home vacancies  
  • Liaise with the City of Ottawa and other partners and complete regular reporting as required  
  • Maintain updated and accurate homeowner records in a secure manner online as well as paper files as required  

Management of Mortgage Program:  

  • Under the direction of the Senior Family Services Manager, manage and monitor Habitat Greater Ottawa’s mortgage portfolio and identify and mitigate delinquency issues  
  • Under the direction of the Senior Family Services Manager, administer Habitat Greater Ottawa’s responsibilities in relation to Property Management oversight and related Condominium, Joint Use Agreements, and Deferred Homeownership Agreements for existing properties and maintain accurate records  
  • Under the direction of the Senior Family Services Manager, work with Property Management firm(s) to develop and maintain all condo related by-laws and budgets  
  • Under the direction of the Senior Family Services Manager, work with Legal Counsel to maintain all legal homeownership requirements in alignment with Habitat Greater Ottawa’s mortgage models and programs  
  • Work with Finance Department to maintain updated mortgage policies and procedures  
  • Work with Finance Department and Communications Team to ensure the accurate dissemination of information on Habitat Greater Ottawa’s mortgage models and programs  


  • Lead Family Services Team to develop and deliver continuous client service improvements and streamline program administration   
  • Set strategic priorities and develop annual work plans and timelines in coordination with the Senior Family Services Manager to ensure organizational growth objectives and family service and operational targets are met  
  • Foster a positive, high-performance culture within the Family Services department 

Qualifications & Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree or college diploma related to Social Work, Real Estate, Law or other relevant fields  
  • Minimum of 5-years of work experience in a non-profit, housing or social services field  
  • Knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act as well as the Housing Services Act 
  • Ability to set and implement the strategic direction of a complex multi-faceted department  
  • Ability to create effective work plans, procedures, outputs, timelines and performance measures  
  • Able to work independently as well as a part of a high-performance team  
  • Serves client interests in a manner that is professional, accountable and focused on improving service delivery  
  • Excellent in leading, mentoring and developing a diverse and engaged team to meet operational priorities  
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to handle multiple time sensitive tasks   
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and is comfortable with public speaking  
  • Experience working with volunteers and committees  
  • Knowledge of policies and regulations related to the provision of mortgage administration and homeownership  
  • Knowledge and respect of diversity and sensitivity to differences among people of various backgrounds. 
  • Believe in the Mission, Vision and Values of Habitat Greater Ottawa  
  • Accounting and/or financial counselling experience is an asset  


  • Ability to work a flexible schedule as some evening and weekend work is required  
  • Computer literacy and knowledge of standard office computer programs (MS Office Suite: Excel,  PowerPoint, etc.)  
  • Bilingual (English and French) essential; speaking abilities in other languages would be an asset   
  • Must have a reliable vehicle and valid drivers license  

This full-time position has a target salary range of $50,000 – $60,000 per year and offers a comprehensive benefits program. Please send a cover letter and resume to by Friday, May 27, 2022.  

Retail Store Associate

Stittsville ReStore, 3 Iber Rd, Stittsville ON
Trainyards ReStore, 768 Belfast Rd, Ottawa ON

Job Types: Part-time, Permanent
Part-time hours: 18-32 per week

Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa is a nonprofit organization that builds homes for families in need. The ReStores are retail operations that sell donated material to the public. All Greater Ottawa ReStore proceeds support Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa.


This position works in cooperation with other store associates, and volunteers to ensure the following tasks are completed in an efficient manner:

· Provide excellent customer service.
· Process donations according to ReStore guidelines.
· Direct volunteers in various tasks.
· Determine the acceptability of donations and receive donated materials.
· Process donations and move them onto the sales-floor for display.
· Operate point-of-sale.
· Upkeep and maintenance.
· Related duties as assigned.

· Day shift
· Monday to Friday
· Weekends where appropriate

Salary: $14.35 per hour

If you would like to apply to the Stittsville ReStore, please send your resume and cover letter to If you would like to apply to the Trainyards ReStore, please send your resume and cover letter to Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.