You know what they say…

No matter where you grew up, or no matter where you live now, “home is where your mom is.”

A Habitat home is a forever home.  We help families lay roots so they can grow and focus on building a better future, while respectfully giving local families a hand up.

We sat down with a few of our current and future Habitat moms to hear first-hand about their experience volunteering, the meaning of homeownership, and the impact Habitat has had on their lives.

What was it like volunteering with Habitat GO?

“Volunteering with Habitat was [and] is always a great experience and so welcoming. Everyone is so friendly and proud of me even though they don’t know me.” – Tereza

“I love volunteering at Habitat…It’s an incredible feeling to see something that you are helping with come to life. My experience has been very positive and I feel like it has added so much to my life.” – Annie

“We really enjoyed the volunteer process….By building our home we learned about putting up drywall and taping – and really developed a sense of pride seeing the inner workings of our home build.” – Sam

As a Mother, what does owning a Habitat Home mean to you and your family?

“Owning a home means stability to me, somewhere to finally plant our feet, make roots and memories together.”  – Tereza

“As a mother, owning a Habitat home is really a life changer for me and my son. We are going to build our life in a safe, comfortable, healthy home. The home will give us a sense of belonging and security and I am very thankful for that.” – Annie

“Stability is key. Giving [our girls] the space and opportunity to grow, flourish and establish their independence. It was huge being able to provide that.” – Sam

Final thoughts on Habitat GO?

“Habitat GO is important part of the community. It’s about giving back and being a part of something amazing! Habitat creates a sense of community and is a hand up NOT and hand out.” –  Tereza

“The Habitat GO community really is a community. It is a community of passionate individuals that work together to create better lives for others. I feel so fortunate that I get to meet so many wonderful people throughout this entire process.” – Annie

“…it’s really life changing. I want families to know that there is that light on the horizon and it’s so attainable. I want people to know that you can have a home and you can afford it – Habitat is there to help you. It’s wonderful to know how much love there is within the Habitat family.” – Sam


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