The Generational Impact of Habitat Homeownership: Meet Carlos, Eva & their Children.

A photo of Habitat Partner Family Carlos, Eva and three of their children sitting on the couch in their old home in the year 2005.

Our family in 2005, before moving into our Habitat home.

Dear Habitat supporter,

Our parents put in every effort to ensure all of us had a great childhood. Growing up, our home was filled with loving family, amazing friends and a lot of laughs. However, outside the four walls of our home was a different story. For years, we lived in a neighbourhood where crime and violence were the norm. It was to the point where some family members did not want to come visit us as they felt unsafe in the area. We also had to deal with mold and a constant stream of mice and pests inside the home as well.

Our parents made the best of our living situation, but we knew their goal was to find a way out to a safer community, in a home they could call their own. At the time, Mom and Dad were unable to obtain a traditional mortgage, nor save up enough money for a down payment. That’s when they found out about Habitat for Humanity through family friends and decided to take a chance and apply. This was back in 2005, and since then all our lives have completely changed.

Breaking ground on our soon-to-be Habitat home back in 2005.

Two Habitat volunteers wearing construction had and holding shovels on site at Carlos and Eva's Habitat home in 2006.

We can’t thank enough all of the wonderful Habitat volunteers & supporters who helped build our family’s home.

Habitat Partner Family, Carlos speaking into a microphone with Eva standing next to him during Habitat Key Ceremony for thier Habitat home.

Habitat Greater Ottawa Key Ceremony in 2006. Mom & Dad finally got the keys to their forever home!

When we moved in 2006, we saw the immediate benefits of the Habitat home. For one thing, within the first week of moving in we were all breathing properly since there was no mold (or pests!) We were also in a much safer neighbourhood and we took advantage by exploring the area, playing sports and jogging outside.

As Habitat Homeowners, our parents paid an affordable mortgage with no down payment. As a result, they were able to help support all of us with our post-secondary education. We all went off to university or college not worrying if Mom and Dad’s house would still be there after we graduated.

Our family would not have been given this life-changing opportunity if it weren’t for generous donors like you. We hope you will consider supporting Habitat Greater Ottawa again this holiday season and help the next generation of families with a safe, stable and aff ordable place to live.

Today, we have careers in travel & tourism, nursing, real estate and the construction & trades. The Habitat home even benefited our other sister, Denise. Even though she was already off on her own by the time we moved in, she was thrilled that there was finally room and a safe place where she could stay every time she visited our parents.

This year, Mom and Dad reached another milestone — paying off the mortgage on their Habitat home! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 17 years since we moved in. Now, the home is for the grandchildren and Mom and Dad make them feel sheltered, protected and loved every time they visit. It’s safe to say, grandma and grandpa’s house is their favourite place in the entire

Now as adults we’ve seen the rising rent and mortgage interest rates, and its impact on communities. Homeownership was difficult back when our parents were first trying to find a home. Now with the aff ordable housing crisis, traditional homeownership is becoming even more out of reach for people of our generation who want to build a family while trying to find a safe and affordable place to life.

The growing need for affordable housing in the City and across the province, makes organizations like Habitat Greater Ottawa all the more vital for families today. With their Habitat home, our Mom and Dad were able to provide us with a stable home in a safe community, support us through school, and set us up for success. Now they’ve paid off their mortgage and built up a nestegg after a lifetime of hard work. That’s the financial stability that comes with affordable homeownership and the positive generational impact that Habitat Greater Ottawa provides for families, their children and the community.

Habitat Partner Family Carlos and Eva sitting on a couch with three of their adult children in their Habitat home.

Celebrating Mom & Dad paying off their Habitat mortgage in 2023!


George, Liette & Diana, Proud Children of Habitat Homeowners, Carlos & Eva.

P.S. This holiday season, help grow the number of families served by Habitat Greater Ottawa in 2024. You can send in your donation using the enclosed return envelope. You can also donate online by visiting filling out the donation form above and automatically receive a tax receipt. Please consider making an impact all year round by becoming a Hope Builder monthly donor. Thank you for your support.

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