National Volunteer Week 2023: Volunteering Weaves us Together

From April 16th to 22nd, join Habitat Greater Ottawa as we celebrate our amazing volunteers! Without our dedicated volunteers we would not be able to continue providing safe, secure and affordable housing for local families. 

This year’s National Volunteer Week theme, Volunteering Waves Us Together, speaks to the interconnectedness of our volunteers and how we all play a role in building healthier, stronger communities. From the build site to the ReStore, from events to committees, we want to recognize all the volunteers that make it happen each and every day of the year. Your passion and service to your community continue to inspire all of us here at Habitat Greater Ottawa.

Interested in volunteering with us? Click here for our Get Involved page for more information

Click here to visit the National Volunteer Week website.

Hear below from a few of our amazing Habitat Greater Ottawa volunteers!


In 2022 over 480 volunteers contributed 12,765 hours towards Habitat Greater Ottawa and helping families access safe, secure and affordable housing! 

"It is an absolutely wonderful experience not only the fact that you’re giving back to somebody else, it helps you as an individual as well. Let’s be honest, most people when they do volunteer, they definitely want to help someone, but it also makes you feel good knowing that you are doing something, that you’re contributing."

"I learned a lot about the house. Items, renovation, decoration, there's a lot of things I learned. Helping families find a shelter to it's very important. It's, like, it warms my heart."

"The thing I enjoyed the most at Habitat is that everyone is always like, cheerful, happy, here to help. If you have questions or anything, they'll always be there for you. For me, the most rewarding thing is to see that we can actually have a real impact on people's lives and family."

"Part of what I love about volunteering with Habitat is getting to work with this really talented board of directors. Everyone brings different experience and different expertise, and we can all come together and work collaboratively and it's really powerful."

"This is a great introduction to a country, if I was sitting at home, I wouldn’t meet anyone, so meeting people is probably the best part. Especially if you’re retired and maybe you find your getting a little bit bored, this is a fantastic thing to do there’s plenty of opportunities to learn, the building industry is so vast and there’s so many things to learn, its just a fantastic thing to get into."

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