On May 27, Habitat Greater Ottawa will kick off our largest build season to date with our 2019 Ground Breaking Ceremony! The final phase of the Leacross Landing development is comprised of nine homes, and will be Habitat Greater Ottawa’s largest build season to date. Upon its completion, the development will consist of 16 homes and house over 40 children.

Our future Habitat Homeowners partner with us to complete 500 volunteer hours (350 for single parent families) as part of the homeownership program. You’ll see them at our ReStores, events and at the build site helping to build their home and the homes of their future neighbours. By the end of the year, we’ll be welcoming nine families to complete our Leacross Landing community! Meet five of our future Habitat Homeowners below: 

“I can’t believe I’ll get to own my very first home next year! Everyone has been so gracious and you can tell that they are rooting for you to succeed. You can really feel the strength of the Habitat community and how proud the volunteers are of the organization. In the end, it all comes down to my son who is the most important person in the world to me. I want him to have that feeling of growing up in a safe neighbourhood and the love of community where he can go out and play with friends and not have to worry about whether or not he’ll have a stable place to live.” – Isabelle, future Habitat Homeowner

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“My family is so overjoyed at the opportunity to own our home. My boys are so excited they ask me every day when we are going to move into the new house! We can’t wait to feel safe when we are at home. I want a place where my children have room to play their sports and I want a place that we can proudly call our own.” – Said, future Habitat Homeowner

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“I look forward to freeing myself from the stress that comes with living in our current neighborhood and all the maintenance problems in our home. Working with Habitat for Humanity will allow us to take control of our home and our lives. I am excited to work hard for a positive change and a fresh start for my family.” – Fadumo, future Habitat Homeowner

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“It is true what people say about the amazing chance this organization provides for those in the community who need it. Thanks to Habitat’s help my children will grow up in a positive environment and will have better chances in succeeding in life. I am forever grateful for this chance to work towards owning our very own home, because it has forever changed our lives.” – Osman, future Habitat Homeowner

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“The best part about Habitat for Humanity is not just the opportunity to work towards owning my own home, but it gives other people in the community the same opportunity. In my opinion, this is the way communities should work and I am so happy to be a part of it.” – Anna, future Habitat Homeowner

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