The final phase of our Leacross Landing build is in full swing! Phase III will consist of nine homes, eight of which will front onto Fortune Drive. Since breaking ground in May, there has been a lot of progress thanks to our hardworking volunteers, construction crew and of course, our future Habitat Homeowners. Several of our families have already been on site helping to build their home and the homes of their future neighbours.

Check out our Phase III build photos!

Previously, we introduced you to five of our future Habitat Homeowners and now we’re thrilled to introduce the remaining Phase III families. By the end of the year, they will be joining our Phase I and II homeowners to complete our Leacross Landing development. 

Meet our future homeowners: 

“This organization is allowing me to own a home that I thought I would never be able to provide for my family. My children will finally get the space and security they deserve. Purchasing this home through Habitat for Humanity will provide my family with many opportunities for a better life.” – Rachid, future Habitat homeowner

Read more about Rachid and his family. 

“Thanks to Habitat, we have the chance to own a home and give our family some stability. We are so grateful to build our own house and to be a part of a special organization that offers opportunities to people who need a helping hand. I am looking forward to our first morning in our new home that we will have worked so hard for. To wake up and have breakfast with my loved ones in a home of our own will truly be the best gift I could receive.” – Scott, future Habitat Homeowner

Read more about Scott and his family.

“I am excited to build our own home with volunteers and staff, so that my kids have safe and secure place. Just as Habitat has extended a helping hand to us, we want to do the best we can to help others in the future. Whenever we can, we want to stretch out our arms to others and provide a light in times they need one most. I hope my children learn empathy from this experience. Living in a Habitat home will provide my family with a comfort and peace of mind that is truly priceless.” – Nilian, future Habitat Homeowner

Read more about Nilian and his family.

“I will never forget the relief and excitement that washed over me when I read that our application had been approved. We are forever grateful to our friends at Habitat Greater Ottawa. The team has become like family to us. I never could have imagined purchasing a house for our family. We are very proud and thankful that we get to raise our family in our new home.” – Mani, future Habitat Homeowner

Read more about Mani and his family. 

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