After having both emigrated from war-torn Burundi in 2000, Innocent and Adeline knew that Canada was the perfect place to call home. The proud Canadians saved and sacrificed, however they’d never dreamed of having enough for a home until a friend told them about Habitat Greater Ottawa’s program. Now, the family is so excited to move into their new home that they have completed over 400 of their volunteer hours in less than four months!

The family looks forward to building new friendships within their new community of Habitat homeowners as most of their family still lives in Burundi. “I hope that we will all have a sense of pride in our new community, and that Habitat for Humanity will bring us all together,” said Adeline. “I am looking forward to seeing all of our children playing together – it gives me so much hope for the future.”

The couple’s five children are also excited to move into their new home, with room to grow and space to play. Their children are involved in many after school activities and sports, including soccer, music, and gymnastics. Their oldest daughter, Marie-Ange (13), wants to become a lawyer and 10 year old Annice wants to someday become a doctor. Adiel (7), Aliza (3) and baby Abigail just want to play and explore!

“Both of our childhoods were so difficult because of the war in Burundi. I lost my father to war and my friend,” said Innocent. “Canada has offered me a clean start. We had all of our children here and worked hard but owning a home was always just out of reach. I am so thankful that Habitat is helping us take that next step. We feel so blessed.”

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